Tiny Houses

Tiny houses are SO popular, why are they so popular? And what is the key to a tiny house? Well…Of course it’s square footage! The square footage of a tiny home is the main key to having a tiny house!

Number 1 factor, it must be under 400 square feet! There are also other guidelines for tiny, small, and micro homes.
A small house must be under 1,000 square feet and if you want a micro house it must be less than 80 square feet.

That’s getting pretty small….

If you talk to any tiny home owner, they will tell you really quick, that for your tiny house to be consider, it must have all the creature comforts of a large house. And it better have some innovative features! Which means packing a lot in a little space and putting your own little spin on the quirky side , just for you.

If you have ever watched FYI Network’s Tiny House Nation you have probably seen some mind blowing tiny houses

The trend over the last 20 years has been for larger more trendy homes. Back before the real estate bust, the Mcmansion was popular and the million dollar starter home was born! Now the tiny house movement is becoming popular among those wishing to live simpler, less stress lifestyles. The tiny house movement is about doing more with less, and the overall size of dwellings to less than 400 square feet. As I mention the Financial Crisis and tax, overall up keep both of which helped spark interest in the Tiny home movement.

Most tiny home builders , dwellers, also seek to experience a simpler life. In the United States, 68% of tiny home owners have no mortgage, compared to only 23% of traditional home owners. Are you willing to give up the stress of living in the average 2500 sq ft home to become mortgage free?

Most any tiny houses can be built off the grid. That’s really your choice. You will have to make some modifications for water, heat, and staying cool. You can use propane to heat with. This comes at a cost of between $7 and $15 a month.

Tiny homes can cost anywhere between $8,000 and $30,000 depending on how big you make them and what sort of amenities you add. While typically, tiny houses are designed for a simple, basics-only lifestyle, it doesn’t mean you can’t make them as luxurious as you like.

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