Off The Wall

Free Quote!Off The Wall ! This section is dedicated to all the Funky, Exotic , step out of the box and get you some of this, homes, office buildings, studios, Tiny Houses, Container Homes , Office Sheds,  Shedquarters , anything but the common shelter.

Here we offer insight to all the latest trends in homes and offices find it here Off The Wall . As you know technology changed how we work. I haven’t seen a time clock in years! Over 60% of the workforce works from home..Truly amazing. So…you need a home office. Clean out  bedroom or go to the garage or you could buy set of Office Shed Plans and hit Home Depot or Lowes and you could have a new backyard ShedQuarters  in a few days. And people have become pretty damn creative with these little buildings. I’m looking around in my backyard right now to see if I have room. Of course it can be more than an office. It can be your private man cave, when you’re seeking that quiet time away from the wife and kids….Oh and it does work both ways. She sheds are gaining in popularity, to escape NASCAR, and NFL Sundays. 

Tiny Houses seem to be the number one trendy, envoug , domicile at present. Although this is not for everyone, there are some pretty amazing homes out there. It’s a pretty simple way to live. Most are mobile, move it around till you get that perfect spot. If you look at all the Tiny House pics out there you will be blown away by the imagination of some of these people. 

And right behind Tiny Houses are the Container Homes. These have been around for sometime. There are between 5 t0 6 million shipping containers crossing the ocean every year. Thousands fall off ships. Thousands are abandoned at ports and auctioned off. So ..Here’s your new house , for as little as 2500.00 U.S. you can have a 8 x 35  ( 280 sq,ft) home . Or at least the beginnings of one. It will take a little work and imagination to get it livable. People have made some stunning homes from these industrial beast! So Don’t be afraid to Go Off The Wall!


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