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Tiny homes aren’t for everyone. But the concept is gaining traction and there are still some issues. Tiny homes can truly become a way of life.  But it’s clear that tiny homes have a lot of advantages. Starting with the potential of living happily with less and living debt-free. Living with Green Products.

Tiny House projects is one of the pro active lifestyles of the  New American Dream. If you have ever owned a large home and  felt enslaved to the  endless mortgage payments and being over run with “stuff,” and the lack of time and fun to enjoy life, this could be for you.  Lots of people feeling the frustration and will  ditch most of their belongings, and will move to the smaller , tiny life and live debt free.

Learn all the concepts behind designing and engineering for loads and load paths as they relate to both the International Residential Code and the unique engineering of the shipping container.

Green building materials offer specific benefits to the building owner and building occupants:

  • Reduced maintenance/replacement costs over the life of the building.
  • Energy conservation.
  • Improved health and productivity.
  • Lower costs associated with changing space configurations.
  • Greater design flexibility.

Green Building

Green Building is the construction and renovation of buildings to reduce their impact on the environment. These buildings are built to be more energy efficient, use fewer natural resources, and reduce waste and pollution. Different types of construction used in green buildings such as energy efficient lighting

Build Your Own Tiny House Using Our Tiny House Plans!

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Super Easy Shed Plans!  

Start Building Amazing Outdoor Sheds The Faster and Easier*Step-By-Step* Easy-To-Follow Plans With Detailed Illustrations…

Test the Energy Efficiency of Your Home!

# 1 .. Insulation checks, door tests, hot water heater,  appliance assessments.

Green Building & Renewable Energy
Climate change and  energy prices out the roof. It is time to assess your energy use.

  • Efficiently use energy, water, and other natural resources.
  • Protecting health and improving productivity
  • Reducing waste, pollution and environmental issues.
  • Live the Green Products Life style.

Go Green….Green building practices reduce the environmental impact of new building structures. Only  the greenest building is the building that gets built. Construction almost always degrades a building site. Destroying the land. Building Green in terms of reducing environmental impact. The number one rule is that every building should be as small as possible. The second rule is not to contribute to sprawl.  The most energy-efficient, environmentally designs are used in design and construction.

The Number One Goals of green building.

Waste reduction.

Operations and maintenance optimization.

Indoor environmental quality enhancement.

Materials efficiency.

Water efficiency.

Energy efficiency.

 Structure design efficiency.

Life cycle assessment.

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