Commercial Steel Buildings


Metal Buildings serve many uses.


Discount quality steel-frame metal buildings for a  variety of commercial, residential and industrial applications. Complete superior quality services and the finest products for storage and shelter including pole barns.  Your building can be custom designed to virtually any dimensions to meet your specific requirements. Fill out our contact form and compare prices and construction today!

Prefabricated For Simple, Strong, And Quick Assembly

Galvalume is a coating on the steel substrate that is applied at the steel mill. This coating is a mixture of some of the most durable metals including Aluminum (55%), Zinc (43%), and Silicon (2%). The advantage of Galvalume is the aluminum’s ability to create a highly corrosion-resistant oxide film combined with the sacrificial action of zinc. The end result is a coating which provides excellent corrosion resistance on the sheet (steel panel) while still providing cutting-edge corrosion protection.

This unique coating forms an almost impervious (impenetrable) shield over the steel; in laboratory testing it has 7 times the resistance to rust as galvanized. It is extremely effective, especially in regions subjected to corrosive environments or acid rain. 

  • gymnasiums
  • horse barns
  • steel garages
  • commercial buildings
  • industrial buildings
  • farm buildings
  • fire & ems
  • heavy equipment garages
  • church buildings
  • auto repair shop
  • commodities storage
  • warehousing
  • manufacturing
  • pole barn kits
  • steel commercial building
  • storage buildings
  • horse riding arena
  • do it yourself garage
  • retail shop
  • metal garage
  • prefabricated garage
  • metal barn design

You Need Steel!

Steel is everywhere!  Our cars,  appliances that We are someone way connected everyday . Steel is durable and the most recycled material on earth. The steel industry has invested in the latest technologies to make steel more innovative, lower in cost to you and stronger than ever. 

  • Strong and Lightweight – Significantly stronger than wood, needs no maintenance, easy to work with, and more economical.
  • Durable – Won’t crack, chip, warp or sag. Can be engineered to better withstand hurricanes and earthquakes.
  • Non-combustible – Fire resistant material.
  • Versatility – Can be custom formed and cut to create high endwalls and large open spaces while maintaining its durability.
  • Better for the Environment – Saves trees, is not treated with pesticides or other chemicals and does not encourage mold to form.
  • Sustainable Building Material – meets criteria for “GREEN” building LEED requirements

Certified metal buildings are clear-span, I-beam-constructed and solid steel frames. They are typically sheeted with 22-26 gauge rib panels. We also offer many other gauges and styles of panels to choose from. One option is to leave the walls open so you can use other materials, like brick or stucco. Steel buildings can be custom designed in sizes ranging from 600 square feet to as large as 1 million square feet!

Prefab Commercial Metal Buildings offer a simple fast and economical way to build

Agriculture buildings offer, grain storage, fertilizer storage and commodity storage. These buildings are excellent grain storage structures or hay storage buildings and provide greater versatility. By offering real ventilation, flexible clear span building space and a more consistent environment, the right agriculture buildings help reduce your overall cost. And reduce your overhead.


Commercial Steel Buildings are the fasted and most cost effective way to build.

Choose a  pre-engineered steel buildings  100% manufactured in America. Starting with only the commercial grade US made  steel. Use professional engineers to help design the most durable metal building kits for easy erection. Most can be used for various uses such as garages, warehouses, workshops, metal sheds, prefab homes, agricultural storage, airplane hangars and more. Sizes can range from 10-140’ wide and any length.  Commercial, industrial, agricultural or residential application and can be customized for unique solutions as well.

  • Feed / hay storage for your animals
  • Agricultural storage buildings for farm equipment
  • Livestock barn / shelter
  • RV / boat covers
  • Garden / storage sheds
  • Carports 
  • Horse barns / horse sheds
  • Workshops / mechanic garages
  • Multi-purpose storage
  • Garage / workshop

 Metal Building and Accessories

Turbine Vents

This wind-propelled ventilator is extremely important for helping prevent condensation and for expelling exhaust fumes and other gases. It is ideal in structures that will not have electricity and thus no ventilation system.

Exhaust Fans

Motorized exhaust fans are the most effective way to help keep your building dry, expel gases and control condensation. Easy to install complete with synchronized attached shutter and mechanical thermostat for automatic operation when you need it (does not rely on wind).


 insulation is the highest quality industrial reinforced fiberglass batt insulation featuring a specially designed patented pin system. These are special bolt extensions that go onto the very bolts used to put the building together, and conform to the shape precisely for simple, fast installation.

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