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Hazmat Material Safety Storage

Flammable storage buildings, non flammable, pesticide, paint, fertilizer, herbicide, household wast, equipment storage, drum storage, and mixing and dispensing. What ever the need there is a building that meets your needs. Most manufactures have  catalogues     “spec sheet” that you can go by to see what will meet your needs and get you complaint with your local and federal regulations.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, the larger Haz-Mat Manufactures can custom make a building for your specific needs.


Construction of Chemical and Haz-Mat storage buildings has evolved as local, state and federal codes have changed. Staying complaint is a full time job, regulations are constantly changing.

Chemical Storage Buildings and Flammable Storage Buildings

Flammable Chemical And Hazardous Material Storage Solutions For Your Storage Needs

Buildings can now be carry a 4-hour fire rating, with fire suppression systems, temperature controls, sensors, ventilation, explosion proof lighting, just to name a few. Chemical Storage Buildings for golf courses. Ammo Storage. Haz-Mat Storage.

The list of accessories that are available today are much more advanced than 20 years ago.

Just a few that are available today are Custom Ramps and hoist to move heavy drums. Partition Walls to organise and separate chemicals. Explosion Relief Construction, Exhaust Fans, Fire Suppression Systems, Mechanical Ventilation, Electrical Accessories, Temperature Controls, Sensors, Racks, Spill Detection, pallet and drum storage.

Storing hazardous materials and wastes is a common problem for many companies. There are many manafactures out there ready to help you meet all the codes required. All will provide an effective solution to the problem. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) defines an outdoor chemical storage building as: “a prefabricated structure, manufactured primarily at a site other than the final location of the structure, and transported completely assembled or in a ready-to-assemble package to the final location.” These buildings provide an economical means of storage and secondary containment because they eliminate the expense of constructing permanent structures.

Outdoor Chemical Storage Buildings

Pesticide and Chemical Storage Lockers & Buildings are designed to keep  safe storage of your Turf Management Chemicals. All models are FM approved and meets EPA and OSHA standards for Hazardous Chemical Storage. Perfect for Golf Courses, Landscape Contractors, and Greenhouses. All standard models include interior and exterior lighting, galvanized steel shelving, and fiberglass insulation. All of our Pesticide Storage Buildings & Lockers are constructed of corrosion-resistant steel and are finished in 5  coats of urethane for a building that will look great and function for  for years.

 Pre-engineered modular buildings choose your best option!.  The most popular are  fabricated from self-framing interlocking panels that form the walls, roof .  Most are produced in galvanized, stainless steel or aluminum sheeting, ranging from 18 to 26 gauge material, and in virtually any size or shape.  All  buildings satisfy most  applications in all  areas, and provide an unsurpassed superior level of strength and durability.  Check for buildings engineered to withstand internal or external blast forces.

Industrial applications such as control rooms, analyzer buildings, labs, pump houses, golf course turf chemical storage. Looking for  buildings for security centers, guard houses, metering stations, turbine generators, utility or storage buildings.

Choose from accessories include lighting, power distribution, raised flooring, suspended ceilings and awnings, provides complete laboratory environments, kitchens, restrooms,  offices and storage amenities.


  • 100% Leak tight spill containment sump
  • High Performance Epoxy/Polyurethane coated exterior for superior protection
  • Chemically resistant interior coating
  • Static grounding rod
  • Floor loading of 500 psf
  • Permanent anchoring (siesmic restraints)
  • Vents for natural ventilation
  • Three point door latch with  pad lockable
  • Self draining pitched roof
  • Forklift for easy relocation
  • Heavy gauge steel for high strength and durability


  • Lighting
  • Shelving
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Sump drain
  • Removable fiberglass or galvanized steel grating
  • Variety of door sizes and configurations
  • Heavy duty ramps

Military Or  Government Secondary Containment Systems

Spill containment  for all your fuel storage operations. Military and governments all over the country rely on spill containment solutions to help regulate leaks and spills that would otherwise be damaging to our world!

  Hazardous materials such as biofuel, chemicals, oil, gas, diesel fuel and petroleum, fertilizers and pesticides just to name a few. Fiberglass containment berms,  pallets. 

Outdoor Storage Buildings

Pre-fabricated Hazmat storage buildings include Non-Combustible and Fire-Rated Outdoor Storage buildings and Prefab Storage Buildings for flammable liquid drums. All of our steel prefabricated hazmat storage buildings are custom made.

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