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With Buildings Direct you can build your own dream project with a do-it-yourself Prefab Building Kits and save thousands in construction labor.

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Pick any unique style and options for carports, garages, and barns along with large metal buildings customizable for both residential and commercial use.

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We offer products ranging from Carports, Garages, Barns, RV & Boat Covers, Warehouses, to Workshops, Utility Combo Carports
Thinking of building a custom metal carport, garage or shed? This is the place! With our selection of quality materials and building expertise, you can build your own carport or other storage structure and customize it to fit your specific needs.



You can search for the exact type of buildings for sale.  Shop for storage buildings. Pole barn buildings and metal buildings. All types of sheds and carports. Compare building kits. One building size and one that fits your budget. This is the DIY guide! Check out discount buildings and clearance buildings. And arch buildings. Also, look for portable buildings. Green buildings. Do It Yourself  Home Projects. Lowes buildings. Log cabins. This is the site for all buildings for sale! Wood Sheds. Garage Kits. 

Metal Or Wooden Workshops?

With both wooden and metal workshops available you can decide on what suits you best. However, we understand that reaching the final verdict about which is best can be tricky. Therefore, here is a brief description of them both:

A wooden workshop sticks to an authentic look and is best suited to those looking for a more traditional style of workshop. Available as pent sheds, corner sheds or corner log cabins, the toughened glass windowed options available allows you to have a convenient source of natural light coming into your workshop unit. Whereas, a windowless design, however, gives further security with everything out of sight and out of mind. Timber garden buildings can come in many styles. For instance, our reverse workshops offer centralized double doors, so gaining access to the unit with large or heavy power tools has never been easier, these are ideally suited at the back of a garden. Overall, timber buildings could be the perfect wooden garage, log store or could even be used as bike sheds.

Alternatively, our metal workshops are a more heavy duty style of outdoor building. They use hot-dipped galvanized steel panels for enhanced durability. Galvanized steel can help to prevent long term weather damage. This can help prevent damage such as rot and corrosion. Furthermore, a metal workshop offers a longer lasting unit and as the steel of the building is roll formed with deep ribs for added strength. Furthermore, a metal workshop is fire resistant and requires no treatment, this makes it easy to maintain and is perfect for those looking to carry out potentially dangerous DIY projects.

Workshops For Sale

With a wide variety of sizes and designs, we have something to suit any garden design, no matter how obscure, it all depends on what it is you are looking for. This means in no time, you will be able to move all of the mess out of your house, and instead take ownership of a well organized DIY workshop building. However, please consider whether your outdoor building will require planning permission. This is as although most garden buildings do not require planning permission, there are a few exceptions. Therefore, it is recommended to check with your local planning permission authorities.

You can also find your closest dealer. For the construction of your building, garage doors, and insulation. And a plethora of accessories. As well as financing!

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Carport kits Sale – Save 45%

We have designed our carport kits to hold up to the snow loads of the northern states to the high winds of Florida and the south. Our aluminum carport kits are maintenance free and pre-engineered to pass most city or state requirements. Our steel carport kits are constructed of galvanized steel and heavy duty 18 gauge to 22 guage steel for maximum protection.

Easy Installation: All of our do it yourself carport kits screw / bolt together and are easy to install. Plus, if you have any questions when installing your carport, we have installers on staff with over 20 years experience to help walk you through your carport installation.,, free shipping, zero financings, free delivery, free installation, pole building, metal buildings, RV storage, hazmat storage, building rentals, building leasing, kit buildings, garden buildings, backyard shops, metal garage 

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