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Steel Building Kits ! Buildings Direct  has a plethora of prefab, modular, commercial, airplane hangars, haz-mat storage buildings to compare . We offer custom engineered drawings and over 100’s of popular “standard” frame models to choose from. Choose the Buildings advantage and compare all models.

Steel building frames kits come in all shapes and sizes, hybrid wood, steel buildings commonly are built with interior heights of  10′ and up. A prefab steel building is perfect for enclosing large, open spaces, like a warehouse, barn, riding arena, church, home or industrial building. From as small as a 10’ X 10’  or as large as 300’ wide by unlimited lengths. Buy Direct! 

Do you have a special building need? Our steel building manufacturers offer you unlimited size and options. Doors and windows and limited pitch of the roof, all served in a square box. Prefab, wood, steel buildings offer much more flexibility for customization. Whether it’s an arched truss, special roof or a building on an odd lot, there’s nothing our engineers and manufactures can’t design and manufacture. The interior is easy to finish and insulate too. Use of wood purlins and girts are all possible.

Buildings Direct buildings, wood, steel and prefab buildings are less expensive to build than almost any conventional style of construction. A very basic steel building can be built for as little as $10 to $50 per square foot.  Finished metal buildings are usually $15 to $25 per square foot and extensive customized buildings with brick facades, unusual shapes or complicated construction can reach $60 and up. Prefab steel buildings have improved appearances in the last few  years.

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