Quonset Huts

quonset style modern barn

Quonset Huts. Free Span Buildings. Truss Free Buildings.  And Arch Buildings are basically the same building.  And they have been around since World War I. First used as and synonymous with military barracks…

Their uses, construction and design have changed over the years. But the concept remains the same.

Better materials have allowed for larger and better free span designs. There are virtual unlimited uses. The most common use was for agriculture, but today’s Quonset huts can be used for, industrial storage, grain storage, livestock, RV storage, military , garages, homes, horse barns, aircraft hangars, machine storage, workshops, office buildings, carports, most anything you can think off.

The design and shapes have also changed. The early buildings were once a half circle, with modern technology they have become to look more like a conventional straight wall building with straight sides and peaked roofs. This construction design has allowed for greater side wall clearance for different applications.

The sizes can start as small as 10 x 10 and go all the way to 100 feet wide and of course you can build long as you want to go or till you run out of land! Most manufactures are using Galvalume Steel, some may still use galvanise in some farm applications to cut cost.

Arch Buildings are great for the DIY, most all manufactures have backyard kits, garage kits, workshop kits. If it’s just you and the wife, I would try to limit the size to under 25 feet wide, much wider than that , you start looking for more labor and heavy equipment.

Arch building and Quonset buildings come with a plethora of options that were not available years ago. Some of them include, insulation, double sliding doors, turbine roof vents, personal doors, windows, colors many of the smaller buildings can even be made to be portable.  Many people only purchase the building itself, open on each end and they will customize their own end , either from wood or steel.

What ever the use, there’s one that will suit your needs.

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