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Prefabricated Houses, Modular or Transportable, Manufactured Homes

Prefabricated houses can be modular or transportable, and also may include mobile homes.  Although similar, the methods and design of the three vary greatly. There are two-level home plans, as well as custom home plans. As always you will see considerable differences in the construction. Mobile and manufactured houses are constructed in accordance with the HUD building codes. Modular homes are constructed to meet the IBC (International Building Code).

Modular Homes

Modular Homes are created in sections, and then transported to the home site for construction and installation. Most are typically installed and treated like a regular house, for financing, appraisal and construction purposes, and are usually the most expensive of the three. Although the sections of the house are prefabricated, the sections, or modules, are put together at the construction much like a typical home. Manufactured and mobile houses are rated as personal property and depreciate over time.

Stick built homes typically appreciate over time.

Manufactured Homes & Mobile Homes

Manufactured Homes are built on steel beams, and are transported in complete sections to the home site.

Mobile Homes are built on wheels, and have a title, like a car.

Mobile homes and manufactured homes can be placed in mobile home parks, and manufactured homes can also be placed on private land, providing the land is zoned for manufactured homes.

The prefab house or mobile home requires much less labor compared to conventional houses. Most companies sell pre-manufactured modular homes.

Manufactured homes are not permitted in some communities, and therefore, a prospective homeowner should check the local construction law and zoning code pertaining to prefab homes.

Check your local zoning, building requirements. Most cities  generally have specialized regulations such as HUD regulations besides general building codes, applicable to pre-manufactured housing.

Manufactured homes involves connecting plumbing , electrical lines across the sections, and sealing the sections together. Manufactured homes can be single, double, or triple-wide, describing how many sections wide it is. Many manufactured home companies manufacture a variety of different designs. Manufactured homes built onto a permanent foundation can be difficult to distinguish from a stick-built.

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