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Interest rates have never been lower. Labor is  cheaper and plentiful. Some of the the best log home packages are being offer today than any other time! Most have free custom designs. Do your homework and compare wholesale and factory direct pricing  to the customer.  Log home sales or special log home pricing is available on most web sites.



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Prefab Log Cabins! Who doesn’t love a Log cabin?  If you’re thinking of building a log cabin, there is no shortage of  log home kits to choose from. From DIY to custom design with contractors and cranes. They come in all sizes, from a one bedroom weekender to the obscene mega homes you see only on TV!

Choose the one that suits your needs and your budget. Remember everything runs over budget, so plan accordingly.  Compare different manufacturers, compare the construction, the ease of construction or how complicated it may be. Talk with their engineers, go looks at models, tale to past customers. Where they happy with their project? Would they do it again? What don’t they like about their log cabin? Everyone wants a log cabin in the mountains or beach. Do your homework, go do a weekend rental, see if you like being in a totally wood structure? There is lots of wood in cabin, not your ordinary sheetrock walls. Sometimes it takes a little getting use to.

Now that’s out of the way. Log Cabins are for you!

Start your search. Contact manufactures, ask them to send you log cabin plans, most have an online research department staffed with engineers, draftsman and planners.

Aways keep these three keys in mind. Planning, Budgeting, And Financing ! In your planning stages, keep in mind, where will your log home kit be delivered? It does take up some space. If you are a DIY, how will you unload a semi? Crane, Forklift?  Can a semi get to your building site?

Most Log Home Kit and Pre Fab Homes only include the “wood” post, beams, logs. You still need elect, pluming (including septic system). HVAC and of course the foundation. lets not forget that. Will you have a slab or a stem wall. Don’t forget to call the elect company to set a up a temp power source for you.

Log construction has been especially popular throughout the USA. Straight tall tree trunks (pine and spruce) are readily available. A log cabin can be erected from the ground up( dried in)  in days by a family. No worries about the construction process, such as hardening of mortar. Log cabins can be erected in any  design. Today construction of modern log cabins as leisure homes is a fully developed industry . Modern log cabins often feature insulation and are sold as prefabricated kits machined in a factory rather than hand-built in the field like ancient log cabins.

Log cabins are mostly constructed without the use of nails. Most use simple stacking, with only a few dowel joints for reinforcement. Most log cabins tend to  compress as it settles over a few months or years. Nails would be soon out of alignment and pushed out.

 A basic form of log construction is used all over North Europe and Asia in the early years. In the U.S. Early settlers used such methods of log building in North America. It was a  a popular form of construction for pioneers’ settling in the far north and the more mountainous parts of United States. Log cabins were built from logs laid horizontally and interlocked on the ends with notches. This is quick and simple and done without the aid of a lot of tools. Some log cabins were built without notches and simply nailed together, but this was not as structurally sound. 21st Century  building methods allow this shortcut. Although it’s not popular.

In 1930, one the world’s largest log cabin was constructed at a private resort in Montebello, Canada. Often described as a “log château”.

The 21st century version of a log cabin is a house built usually from milled logs. Most logs are visible on the exterior and interior of the house. Some cabins are mass manufactured, traditionally in Scandinavian countries and increasingly in eastern Europe. Squared milled logs are precut for easy assembly ( log home kits). Log homes are very popular in rural areas. 

Since the beginning of time. The  log cabin has been a symbol of humble beginnings.  during the early 1800’s, the  presidential election were the first to use a log cabin as a symbol to show North Americans that he was a man of the people. 

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