Pole Barn Kits

Pole building Kits  and pole barn kits date back to 1930′s and 40’s. The need for larger buildings began when engine-power farm equipment became popular. A very simple process of poles, rafters and girts as the framing and utilizing sheet metal . Kits can be a DIY weekend project to a labor intensive with heavy equipment lasting weeks and months.

Pole barn kits come in all sizes. The first pole barns used phone poles or utility poles for the main supports, they were cheap and readily accessible. The majority of the labor is standing the support post, girts and rafters. Todays kits are much more fashionable than in the 30’s. You have a variety of options, colors, doors, insulation etc.

The post provide strong vertical support for attaching the shell. The roof is attached to the top girts, using a trust system allows to span longer distances without  adding more interior post. The pole barn has a long been an economical  and quick way to add shelter to the farm. A must to keep expensive equipment from the elements.

Many of the pole barn kits and buildings from the 30′s and 40′s can still be seen today. They proved to be very durable. As the rise of building codes increased so did the  durability of the pole building, having to meet live loads and snow loads requirements. Each county and state have a different set of codes. Being in a heavy snow ares, such as the Upper Peninsula of Michigan would require a more beefed up structure. Everything would need to be built on a much closer proximity. Make sure your kit meets all the county and state codes for your area.

Most any siding can be used from T-111 , galvanized, corrugated metal, wood, hardyboard , tin, some are even covered in plastic. What ever suits the need .

Todays kits have changed the pole buildings from just the  storage for the tractor, to modern day office buildings, warehouses, and commercial use. And quite a bit of residential use for motorhome, boat, backyard shops. Pole barn kits are popular with mom and pop as well as contractors .

Pole barn kits can range in price from as little as 1500.00 to mega bucks! But there is one out there for everyone.

They still have appeal because of the ease of construction and affordability . And todays pole barn kits come in any color that you may want and of course you can add garage doors, insulation, windows, skylights, walk thru doors and side doors. The uses have become virtually limitless . The pole building kit is a billion dollar industry .

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