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Do you have that DIY bug? Want to build your own Log cabin? Everyone would love to have that perfect mountain getaway! There are many reasons log homes are popular. Log homes are environmentally friendly and can be very  energy efficient.  Most log homes contain a high percentage of “Green” resources. The density of the logs can also block out noise. They are very durable structures that can have a long lifespan.

Log Cabin Homes

Everyone you know at sometime or another has  express a desire to own a log home. It’s the american fascination. Currently there are over 500 log home companies in the United States. Most of the log home companies sell kits. Most are  “do it yourself.” When thinking of buying your log home, the first decision is  whether you are going to be building it yourself or to get professional log home contractor for the project. I would search for a company that builds log homes exclusively.

So you want to do your project yourself, Do your homework! Buying a kit, usually will include a framing package, log package and a roof package. When this phase is complete your log home will be dried in. This is just the basic shell of your new lof cabin! Once your shell is up or dried in.. Most of the time you are about 25% to 30% complete.So you still have some work to do. This is when your homework starts to pay off. Now..You need sub- contractors, HVAC, Plumbing, Electric, Sheetrock Hangars, Painters, ETC. Log home kits can be an experience and a life changing process.

 Log Cabins have many options… Three distinctly different types of cabins; our Pre-Built, portable cabins, or you can choose expansive selection of Custom Cabins and three are your DIY collection. Pre-built cabins, completely finished and ready to move in.

The custom cabins are log cabin homes and, though we have many different standard models including the world

OK… You need builder for your log home. Now is the time to ask questions! It is also a good idea to get as many references as possible. References are key!  Log home kits  can be complicated.  Call your friends that have one or have shopped for one, maybe they have done some leg work for you.  Don’t be in a rush, it’s bette to take more time upfront than to be bogged down in the middle of your project. It’s never fun to start over or change contractors in the middle of your project.

Everyone who is looking for the perfect log home design for their needs,often has different ideas. The right log home floor plan will accommodate that lifestyle and also fit with the scenery that surrounds your new home. Log Homes area ll about the designing a workable plan.  If you want a log home builder and manufacturer you can rely on to deliver both quality and style, click on our sponsors at the side. There are log home floor plans to meet almost any lifestyle and setting. Log Home Kits .

Studio Sheds & Affordable Shed Kits

Handcrafted Log Home Kits                                                

  • Backyard Office
  • Summer Camp Lodging
  • Employee Housing
  • Retreat Accomodation
  • Campground Rental Units
  • Guest Ranches
  • B&B’s
  • Massage Studio
  • Field Offices
  • Storefront
  • Classrooms 

    Home Office Sheds

  • Backyard Studio Space
  • Backyard Retreat
  • Backyard Room
  • Guest Cottage
  •  Bunk room
  • Vacation Retreat
  • Yoga Room
  • Fishing / Hunting Cabin
  • Workshop
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Temporary Housing

Building a Log Home from Scratch or Kit

 Thousands of  home buyers are discovering  today’s log homes are attractive, economical, energy-efficient. Comfortable alternatives to higher-priced traditional homes. Find out how you can save by building your own log home from scratch. Or from one of the many prefabricated kits now available.

Portable Home Office Shed or Studio

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