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We have designed our carport kits to hold up to the snow loads of the  Snow states to the Huricane winds of Florida. Our aluminum carport kits are maintenance free and pre-engineered to pass most city or state requirements. Our steel carport kits are constructed of galvanized steel and heavy duty 16 gauge steel beams for maximum protection of your vehicle.

Easy Installation: All of our do it yourself carport kits screw / bolt together and are easy to install. Plus, if you have any questions when installing your carport, we have installers on staff with over 30 years experience to help walk you through your carport installation.

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The Carport!

Looking for a Carport?? You’re going to be busy. This is probably the most overwhelming category listed. Everyone and their brother has some type of carport.

You will need to do your HomeWork! You have the Big Box stores, Lowes and Home Depot and Menards , as well as direct manufactures, dealers, sub- dealers, steel building contractors, etc.

Shelters, kits, steel, metal, metal kits, carport kits, wood garages everyone has some type of outdoor storage. And if thats not enough to search through, you have discount carports, clearance carports, closeout carports, building liquidation , 75% off  Steel Buildings , prices starting at 150.00! Really?? As I mentioned before, it is truly amazing what you must weed through.

The Plan….How much is your budget? What are you really going to use it for? Just for the car? Or are you going to store christmas decorations ? Define the USE! Start comparing prices, building construction…Always compare Oranges to Oranges…Don’t compare a Block Building and Steel Building. Be sure and read our 10 Do’s & Don’ts for Buying A Steel Building.

Metal Carports – Garages – Buildings – RV Covers -Boat Covers -Barns -Patio Covers.

The list is never ending! All-steel construction pre-engineered for do-it-yourself installation. Carports can solve all of your  storage needs and DIY Garage kits are low tech in construction and Hi-Tech in durability! The days of hiring contractors are gone. Today, anyone can have steel carports or garage kits, metal building kits delivered to their front door! Park your car, store  equipment and even house their livestock. Convenience and portability at a great price.

Carports For Sale

Did you know that you have many different kinds of carports and canopies to choose from? You can get carport kits in many different colors. If you desire, you can even customize your building with fancy covers. In fact, some people buy carport canopies that match the color of the car it will be housing! A canopy style cover is perfect for anyone who doesn’t like to tackle complicated projects with all kinds of directions to follow and little nuts and bolts that need to be affixed everywhere. Canopy covers can be very easy to put together.

Outdoor Metal Storage Sheds & RV Car & Canopies for homes and business.

Steel carports or metal building kits are made out of steel and are very economical when compared to hiring a contractor to build a “stick building.” Steel carports are quick, durable and most carry a manufactures warranty.  They do a great job protecting your  anything you can store in them . They are very durable and easy to put together. Steel garage kits and metal building kits and carports are able to offer protection  against all types of weather conditions.

In just the last decade pre fab carports have become popular. The do it yourself kits and the ease of assembly  have made them very popular. You can now find  a plethora  of kits, metal garages, tube , vinyl, canvas, roofs, canopy, walls, and all types of options. You can have a custom structure designed just for your needs or buy a standard model.

New car port kits are no longer just for cars, new special design kits can be used for equipment, boats, rv’s, airplanes, livestock shelters , backyard shops, garages, barns, its really has unlimited possibilities . Including portable garages, greenhouses, storage sheds and canopies.

The beauty of these car port kits are they are economical and can fit into anyones budget. Prices can range from 500.00 bucks to several thousand dollars. And the ease of construction saves on time and labor.

Most kits are all steel construction, pre engineered high strength pre cut frame components , structural steel tube frame with heavy load and high wind tolerance.

Most carports can go unto 40 feet wide “clearspan” no other beams or post to get in the way, and usually up to 14 feet tall on the sidewall clearance. And of course you can have most any color that you would like. You may even choose a color that matches the car or even that John Deer tractor that you are storing inside.

Some of the more popular uses include patio covers, screened rooms, free standing screen enclosures, awnings and entrance covers, roof systems, outdoor storage motorcycle canopy .

You can also find replacement covers for fabric covers, roofing, siding and frame extension kits.

The number one  Steel Building is your one stop shop for quality and competitive pricing in the US. Be sure to check out our high quality metal buildings . Competitive prices- without sacrificing quality. has a  manufacturing network we offer some of the fastest and most cost effective Metal buildings available. Whether you need a Carport, Shed, RV or Boat Cover,  Steel Building,  Metal Garage,  Building Kit,AG Building or a Barn. It’s all here.


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