Buying Secrets

construction terms and proceedures

Questions to ask when buying a Steel Building.

  1. Don’t be pressured with a “buy it now or lose it” deal. This is the number one bait and switch tactic used in the industry. All we need is a credit card to hold your purchase. Don’t fall for this! Portable Buildings & BUYING SECRETS
  2. Shop, Shop, and Shop… Compare buildings, compare companies.
  3. Do your homework, investigate the company, call the BBB, Google their name, make them give you references in your city, state, call and ask questions.
  4. Are they manufacture, dealers, brokers?
  5. Is there a warranty? Does it come from the dealer or the manufacture? How long is the warranty?
  6. Can they furnish you with a set of stamped state blueprints? How about a set of state-certified concrete drawings? Is this an extra cost?
  7. Be sure it meets the wind, snow, and live load for your area. There is a lot of difference between 22 gauge steel and 28 gauge steel.
  8. Is the freight included?
  10. Properly constructed steel buildings can withstand wind forces of up to 150 miles per hour. without any damage to the exterior of the building or the foundation. Steel is superior when it comes to keeping out most animals and provides extra protection. Forget about termites, possums, and rats; and most varmints! Added protection for moisture-resistant from mold and mildew. Most Steel buildings can withstand up to Seismic Zone 4, The highest classification of Seismic zones. The steel shell is flame retardant and made from 100top quality metals. Most are safe from hazardous materials and eco-friendly.
  11. You can use a variety of different foundation types. Be sure to choose the best option for you. If you’re not interested in storage space or looking to save a few bucks you may want to consider laying a concrete slab as the foundation for your building. Your building can be attached by anchor bolts.  Steel buildings can easily be built over such structures using anchors. 

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